Value of CMH compared to HPS, HID, and LED

For the indoor grow horticulture industry, light acts like food for the plant. When humans consume food, we are interested not only in the amount of food but nutrition as well. For example, we can eat a lot of "junk" food, however that will not provide any health benefit to our body. On the other side of the spectrum, if we only eat Vitamin C or other nutrition, we could starve to death.

It's the same for horticulture lighting, the Par Value is the amount of food and the light Spectrum is the nutrition for plants.

LEDs are good nutrition but do not provide amount of "Food" (low Par value).

HPS and MH are good amount of food but lack nutrition.

CMH is the perfect combination of amount of food (high Par value) and excellent nutrition (some UV, full spectrum)

Therefore, Cultilux CMH is the best overall nutrition for plants, because the Cultilux CMH spectrum peaks match Chlorophyll A and Chlorophyll B.