600W DE CMH Grow Lamps

Powerful CMH Spectrum + UV

A CMH lamp providing the right dose of UV for horticulture.

600W Double Ended Ceramic Metal Halide

The Exclusive CULTILUX 600W CMH grow lamp was specifically designed with a glass that allows a correct dose of UV to pass through benefiting plant growth.

Cultilux Advantages

The exclusive CULTILUX CMH spectrum provides a safe but effective dose of Ultra Violet (UV) resulting in better overall plant growth and higher yields

The full spectrum 4000k is an outstanding vegetative spectrum. The ultra-rich red full spectrum in the 3000K will provide incredible advantage in the flowering stage. Both spectrum can perform well for an entire grow cycle.

The 600W can be used in a 600W low frequency ballast or in a tunable 1000W ballast tuned down to 600W.

The CULTILUX Splitter provides the unique option of running two 600W CMH Lamps operated by one 1000W low frequency ballast tuned up to 1150W.

When medium ceiling height is available, the 600 watt can be a great choice of wattage.

Ceramic HID Technology

  • Exclusive Cultilux Spectrum
  • 50% more UV than competition
  • Higher PPF than competition
  • Designed for plant growth

**Warranty only provided if used in low frequency ballast**