1000W Low Frequency Ballast

1000W Low Frequency Ballast

A low frequency digital ballast, 100-400 Hz, is a perfect match-up with CMH bulbs. Compared with high frequency ballast, the low frequency ballast has the following

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  • Compatible with CMH, MH, and HPS
  • The output frequency does not change when the output wattage tuned down or high
  • Bulb spectrum does not change when wattage changes
  • Much less Radio Frequency (RF) interference
  • Longer operational life
  • Completely avoid resonance problem for HID bulbs


  • Can run multiple wattage bulbs ranging from 600 watts thru 1150 watts using Cultilux 600 and 1000watt bulbs
  • Deploy Cultilux Splitter and operate two 600 watt CMH lamps while tuned to 1150
  • Provide remote option which allows one to use the reflector of choice